Soils decontamination

Decontamination of soils with organic compounds

RYMOIL use THERMAL DESORPTION in this kind of contaminated soils.

  • Thermal Desorption Process

    Consists of soil cleaning by volatilization of organic pollutants that affect the soil. This treatment system consists of two stages:

    Stage 1: Transfer of the organic pollution from the ground into the gas phase.

    Stage 2: Destruction of pollution contained within the gas phase.

  • This technique is used for decontamination "in situ" of soils polluted with organic compounds and whose volume of soil is important.DECONTAMINATION OF SOILS WITH ORGANIC COMPOUNDS
    Thermal desorption process diagram

Descontamination NSR© SYSTEM

    New technology of our partner allowing decontaminate soils with independent burners. Valid for small extensions and even applicable to contaminated soils located under buildings, no need excavation. In the case of a building in the Netherlands which there was a parking with hydrocarbons emanations, it was decontaminated without evicting residents.

Cleaning of soil with metals

RYMOIL S.A.use this technique to decontaminate soils with metals.

  • Soil washing process

    Soil washing is a mechanical process that uses liquids, usually water, to remove chemical pollutants from soils. Therefore, the purpose of soil washing is to first, separate the fine silt and clay particles from the coarser sand and gravel particles and then to facilitate the transfer of these chemical contaminants from the soil surface to the water, which can then be further treated by other process.

    With this technique the hazardous pollutants tend to join either chemical or physical to the silt and clay.

    The coarse fraction (highest volume) is not contaminated and can be used as fill on-site.

    This technique can be used in soils affected by a wide variety of products such as fuels, metals, and pesticides.
    Diagram "soil whashing" process