RYMOIL S.A. is a Spanish company with more than 30 years of experience in the treatment and analysis of dielectric fluids and more than 20 years in contaminated soils.

This experience together with the knowledge of the current legislation and our database of over 10,000 transformers, allows us to offer ACCURATE ANALYSIS AND EFFECTIVE DIAGNOSIS.

Our laboratory is accredited by ENAC nº 602/LE1229 in the analysis of PCBs.

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Dielectrical Analysis

RYMOIL S.A. laboratories constitute the support of knowledge, which is obtained from the quantitative analysis of the characteristics of a wide range of samples (currently more than 10,000), which constitute a great data base on which rests the specialized knowledge to establish the diagnosis on the state of various types of materials in service and, if necessary, recommend preventive actions to avoid equipment failures.

In the laboratories of RYMOIL S.A. can determine up to nearly a hundred of features aimed to evaluate the following basic operational aspects:

  • Analysis of the basic physicochemical characteristics for the acceptance of new insulating oils, previously to the transformer filling.
  • Physico-chemical analysis of insulating oils, once in the transformer, but before commissioning, in order to provide a baseline to assess the deterioration pace after the transformer commissioning.
  • Periodic physicochemical analysis to detect the oil contamination and the ageing degree (oxidation), in order to establish preventive actions to avoid faults (breakdowns).
  • Periodic analysis of the content of dissolved gases in the oil for the early diagnosis of faults in the active elements of the transformer.
  • Analysis of furanic derivatives in oil content, to assess the deterioration of cellulose insulation.
  • Analysis of PCB content to determine if the insulating oils are contaminated with some polychlorinated biphenyls.
  • Monitoring of the processes characteristics of reconditioning, reclaiming or decontamination of oils from transformers in service.

Only with a periodical control through analysis of the oil and caarrying out timely corrective treatments, can lengthen the life of the transformer by keeping it in perfect state of service for many years.

Laboratory Standard Test

  • Quality control of insulating oil
  • Physico-chemical analysis
  • Diagnosis of internal faults by analysis of dissolved gases in the oil
  • Deterioration of cellulose insulation through the analysis of furanic compounds
  • Determination of PCB content
  • Aging characteristics
  • Study of regeneration viability.
  • Special analysis
  • Predictive and corrective maintenance
  • Additivation analysis
  • Oil compatibility analysis
  • Analysis of metals and organic compounds in soils
  • Analysis of metals and organic compounds in water